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The following are the list of topics that I have worked on in SAP XI/PI. These are just the overview (not all) of the main things that I have done. I have gone in depth with many of them and will be posting more whenever I get some time.

SAP XI/PI Development:

  • Creation of end to end Scenarios such as File-File, JDBC-File, IDOC-File etc.
  • Integrated various business systems using different types of native adapters like File, IDOC, JDBC, MAIL and RFC.
  • Involved in designing of the integration process in XI.
  • Configured the XI system for E-Filling for Great Britain. The e-Filing for Great Britain component enables you to submit and retrieve a specific selection of electronic forms to and from your SAP system and the various departments/agencies you deal with, via the Government Gateway.
  • Creation of SLD components such as technical system, logical system etc.
  • Creation of design and configuration objects such as message type, message mapping etc.
  • Converting the business/functional requirements in technical specifications.
  • Involved in administration work such as configuring visual administrator, restarting the java stack using JCMON, transporting design objects using file system transfer etc.

SAP XI/PI Administration:

  • Installation of PI system.
  • System Maintenance/Support Activities:
    • Daily system check on the system to identify and resolve administrative issues.
    • SLD maintenance activities such as creation of Technical System, Sld import/export, working with content maintenance.
    • CMS Configuration for transport of PI objects across landscape.
    • Deletion of backlog messages.
    • Prioritisation of messages (Critical messages are processed first).
    • Alert configuration (automatic alert is generated for error messages)
    • Maintenance/release of space in servers as and when appropriate.
    • Restart of Java/SAP stack during upgrade of system.
    • RFC configuration/Maintenance.